Coordinated by TU Delft, ZERO BRINE – Re-designing the value and supply chain of water and minerals: A circular economy approach for the recovery of resources from brine generated by process industries’ advances circular economy business model solutions to reduce industrial saline wastewater streams by recovering and reusing the minerals and water from the brine in other industries, thus ‘closing the loop’ and improving the environmental impacts of production. ZERO BRINE includes 22 partners from research institutes, SMEs, construction companies, and end-users from 10 countries. ZERO BRINE integrates innovative technologies to recover water and minerals of sufficient purity and quality for good market value.

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ZERO BRINE consists of 4 pilot projects in different partner countries that each show a respective industry where the elements in wastewater can be recovered. Using different technologies, these pilot projects include: a water treatment plant in the Netherlands using nanofiltration, crystallization and ion exchange; a coal mine in Poland using reverse osmosis and electrodialysis; a silica plant in Spain using forward feed evaporation technologies; and a textile plant in Turkey using ion exchange and oxidation technologies.