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Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems (SDEWES), Cologne, Germany

Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems (SDEWES), Cologne, Germany 396 326 ZERO BRINE

The 15th Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems (SDEWES) is dedicated to the advancement and dissemination of knowledge on methods, policies and technologies for increasing the sustainability of development by de-coupling growth from the use of natural resources and by a transition to a knowledge-based economy. All taking into account the economic, environmental and social pillars of sustainable development.

Water in Industry, Nanjing

Water in Industry, Nanjing 912 446 ZERO BRINE

Water of different qualities is used in a wide range of industrial processes. After usage, various substances will enter the water streams, generating the industrial wastewater whose characteristics may include recalcitrant organics, high salinity, heavy metals, extreme pH, high turbidity, etc.

Nowadays, water in industry tends to form a recycling loop, as boosted by the regional water scarcity, strict policies on emission control, and arising public concerns as well. The tendency would increase the challenge of technical solutions and management tools. Hence, the IWA conference “Water in Industry 2020” is initiated to provide a knowledge sharing platform on new advances related to the water cycle in industry.

The conference will take place in Nanjing, a vivid historical heritage of China, from 24 to 28 August 2020.

Desalination for the Environment: Clean Water and Energy, Gran Canaria, Spain

Desalination for the Environment: Clean Water and Energy, Gran Canaria, Spain 1500 1000 ZERO BRINE


Water and energy are the issues of this millennium.

This conference on desalination for the environment will be devoted to advances towards providing fresh water for all, at affordable cost and at economical energy requirements. With limited and depleting natural sources, desalination can supplement some of the critically lacking amounts of water needed for sustainable development.

Its place in the water cycle will be discussed. The conference will overview the most recent developments in desalination technology, its cost and extent of application, including socio-economic and environmental issues.

It will bring together research scientists, decision makers, managers, design engineers and operators from water companies, industries, government departments, consulting firms, research institutes and universities.

The place of industry, research and government decision making in this booming market will be addressed.

Why and how desalination should be integrated into the national or regional water management plans, ensuring socio- economic and environmental benefits, will be the focal point of the conference.

Digital and Cybersecurity solutions for Utilities and Industries

Digital and Cybersecurity solutions for Utilities and Industries 960 480 ZERO BRINE

The new European Commission highlights how the development of digital technologies and economy is one of the top priorities for making Europe competitive and holding the leadership in the global scenario.

The water sector needs new digital solutions for a resilient and secure water smart society and digital technologies already are and will continue changing the water domain with a strong impact on the water market development in Europe and beyond, opening significant and unprecedented business opportunities.

With the digitalization of the water systems, solutions rapidly spread into addressing water emerging challenges to maximize the efficiency of the systems, but also serious cybersecurity threats arise for the users such as industries and water utilities.

That’s why Water Market Europe 2020 is made for you to address challenges and needs for innovation by matchmaking the demand and the offer of efficient digital and cybersecurity solutions for the water sector.

Water Market Europe 2020 will focus on digital water solutions that:


  • have proven to be effective in increasing the efficiency of the systems while reducing losses, preventing failures and increase cost-effectiveness for utilities and industries.
  • are a terrific market opportunity for solution providers to address water emerging challenges and maximize the efficiency of the systems.
  • are able to address and prevent existing and arising cyber-security threats.

The edition of WME2020 includes the dissemination of the outcomes of the STOP-IT project(Strategic, Tactical, Operational Protection of water Infrastructure against cyber-physical Threats) to increase awareness and enlarge the audience of utilities and industries that can receive benefit from the STOP-IT project solutions and provide inputs for addressing emerging challenges.

Water Market Europe 2020 Structure:


  1. The Market Scenario: Introduction on Digital Water and Cybersecurity: challenges and opportunities;
  2. MarketPlace: Presentations of digital and cybersecurity challenges by Utilities and Industries (Presenting participant: Utilities and Industries);
  3. MarketTest: Cyber-security simulation threats;
  4. Matchmaking: B2B meetings session between the WME2020 participants for the matchmaking of demand and offer of digital innovative solutions.

If you need more information regarding the event’s registration process or payment settings, please contact Ms. Anca Popa, Event Coordinator.

International Conference on Sustainable Water Management and Applications, Istanbul, Turkey

International Conference on Sustainable Water Management and Applications, Istanbul, Turkey 1140 400 ZERO BRINE

The International Research Conference Aims and Objectives

The International Research Conference is a federated organization dedicated to bringing together a significant number of diverse scholarly events for presentation within the conference program. Events will run over a span of time during the conference depending on the number and length of the presentations. With its high quality, it provides an exceptional value for students, academics and industry researchers.

ICSWMA 2020: 14. International Conference on Sustainable Water Management and Applications aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of Sustainable Water Management and Applications. It also provides a premier interdisciplinary platform for researchers, practitioners and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns as well as practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted in the fields of Sustainable Water Management and Applications