Pilot Projects

Pilot Projects

Silica Industry I Spain

Silica Industry I Spain 1000 556 ZERO BRINE

IQE is demonstrating the technical and economic feasibility of implementing a circular economy scheme in the silica industry to recover water, sodium sulphate, waste heat and alkalis in Zaragoza, Spain. Technologies such as nanofiltration, eutectic freeze crystallization and forward feed evaporation and electro dialysis with bipolar membranes are evaluated.


Textile Industry I Turkey

Textile Industry I Turkey 1000 592 ZERO BRINE

An innovative brine treatment system is being developed for the textile industry with the aim to recover concentrated salt solutions for reuse in the textile dyeing process baths by TUBITAK MRC in cooperation with  ZORLU Textile and Energy Groups at Büyükkarıştıran- Lüleburgaz,  Kırklareli, Turkey. The methodology involves initial comprehensive physical, chemical characterization studies which are followed by bench scale treatability studies with technology options tested such as nano filtration, oxidation and ion exchange.

The expected results from textile industry brine recovery system was pre-assed to be 50 kt/year reduction water consumption due to achievement of additional water reuse, recovery of 400 ton NaCl/year for production processes, reduction of 200 t/year CO2  emissions also due to NaCl recovery and attainment of waste heat recovery from the enterprise.

Coal Mine I Poland

Coal Mine I Poland 1000 610 ZERO BRINE

Silesian University of Technology is demonstrating the circular economy principles in the coal mining industry in Laziska Górne, Poland. The aim is to decrease the energy consumption by 50% compared to the energy consumption of a reverse osmosis-vapour compression system which represents current best practice.  The coal mine water, having salinity of ca. 23 g/L and rich in calcium sulphate, will be treated using integrated system consisting of nanofiltration, reverse osmosis and electrodialysis with the aim to recuperate valuable raw materials, such as concentrated brine, magnesium hydroxide, and high quality RO permeate.


  • The New Mining – Polish Coal Mine Recovers Valuable Resources from Wastewater

    Brussels/Katowice, 10 October 2019 — Every year, Polish mines dump nearly 4 million tonnes of salt into rivers and freshwater basins in the form of industrial wastewater.

  • Factsheet – Pilot plant field visit

    ZERO BRINE Pilot Demonstration


Water Plant I Netherlands

Water Plant I Netherlands 1000 600 ZERO BRINE

The Demineralized Water Plant (DWP) in the Botlek area owned by EVIDES is a large-scale demonstration of the ZERO BRINE project using the technology ion exchange and membrane technology. The DWP consists of a combination of ion exchange and membrane technology: Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF),  Reverse Osmosis, Mixed Bed Ion Exchange. For both brine streams that are generated in this process, a circular economy solution will be developed in this WP.

The aim is to demonstrate the Nanofiltration – Evaporation concept for the treatment of ion exchange (IX) regenerate and RO concentrate at large industry scale as well as to demonstrate the Anionic Ion Exchange (IX) – Nanofiltration (NF) – Evaporation – Eutectic Freeze Crystallization (EFC) concept at demonstration scale. Part of the energy for the brine treatment comes from waste heat. Waste heat and wastewater streams will be combined in a multi-company site environment eliminating brine effluent (target: zero liquid discharge) of the industrial water supplier, recovering high purity magnesium products (target: magnesium purity >90%), NaCl solution and sulphate salts and recycling streams within the site (target: >70% internal recycling of materials recovered).


  • Demin Water Pilot Advances Industrial Circularity & Critical Raw Material Recovery

    Brussels/Rotterdam, 28 May 2019 — At the Demineralized Water Plant (DWP) of Evides in the Botlek industrial area of Rotterdam port, ZERO BRINE is demonstrating the innovative circular …

    Kickstarting industrial circularity in the Port of Rotterdam

    ROTTERDAM, 19 November 2019 — In one of the largest petrochemical clusters in Europe, ZERO BRINE is launching the first pilot of its innovative technologies to recover all resources from brine (high-salinity impaired water) in Rotterdam Port.

    ZERO BRINE’s Site II pilot launches in Rotterdam Port

    ROTTERDAM, 21 AUGUST 2020 — At the Port of Rotterdam, one of the largest petrochemical clusters in Europe, the ZERO BRINE project has launched its second site as part of the demonstration of industrial …

  • Demineralized Water Plant (DWP) of Evides in Botlek, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

    Demin Water Pilot Factsheet

    Rotterdam Harbour DWP

    EVIDES Case Study

  • Pilot Demineralized Water Plant