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Valuable resources are being recuperated from brine!

SOURCE : REVOLVE #30 – Winter 2018/19 Where is the ZERO BRINE project being tested around Europe and why were these industries highlighted? We have four large-scale demonstrations for the project: 1) in the Netherlands, we are working with the Technical University of Delft at the site of the Demineralized Water Plant (Evides Industriewater) in the…

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ZERO BRINE-project constructs demo plant in the Netherlands

SOURCE : The European ZERO BRINE project starts in January 2019 with a pilot plant on the industrial demo location ‘Plant One’ in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. The objective is reducing industrial saline wastewater by recovering minerals and clean water for reuse. The ZERO BRINE-project, financed by Horizon 2020 started in 2017. -by Adriaan van…

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Bouw proefinstallatie ZERO BRINE-project start in januari in Plant One

SOURCE : De bouw van de Nederlandse proefinstallatie voor het Europese ZERO BRINE-project start in januari 2019 in Plant One in de Botlek. Opvallend detail: twee belangrijke onderdelen van de installatie komen van de universiteiten van Athene en Palermo en niet van een watertechnologiebedrijf. Het Europese ZERO BRINE-project, gesubsidieerd onder het Horizon 2020 Innovation Action…

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Zero Brine: grondstoffen winnen uit afvalwater

SOURCE : Zero Brine is een Europees innovatieproject met als doel waardevolle producten – zoals bijvoorbeeld magnesium, zout en zuiver water – terugwinnen uit zoute afvalwaterstromen, zodat zij opnieuw als grondstof kunnen worden ingezet in andere processen. Met de demonstratiefabriek die zal worden gebouwd bij Plant One Rotterdam, gaat get project de Volgende fase in.…

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SOURCE : ZERO BRINE is a European Union (EU) Horizon 2020 Innovation Action project that advances circular economy business model solutions by redesigning the value chains of industrial wastewater. Coordinated by TU Delft with 22 partners from 10 countries, the €11 million project aims to close the water cycle by recovering and reusing the minerals…

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JIQ Magazine vol. 24, no. 1 (May 2018)

SOURCE : JIN.NOG ZERO BRINE co-design workshop Industrial Saline Impaired Effluents (Brines) are an Environmental Challenge and an Economic Opportunity On 12 March 2018, the first ZERO BRINE stakeholder consultation event took place in the faculty of Applied Sciences, at TU Delft. This consultation event is the first of, at least, three events that will be…