Media Kits

Discover our project media kits, which are being developed for each of the ZERO BRINE pilots.


  • Online Brine Platform Boosts Circular Economy Solutions for Process Industries

    Brussels, 31 January 2019 – The ZERO BRINE project, which aims to advance circular economy business models by redesigning the value and supply chain of water and minerals through 

    Closing the Loop for Process Industries

    Discover how Europe will become more competitive globally by reusing resources from industrial wastewater. Brussels, 13 February 2018 – A new economy is emerging; one that is ‘closing the loop’ and …

  • Q&A with ZERO BRINE Innovation Manager Dimitris Xevgenos

    Recovering valuable resources from wastewater is possible!

    Interview with Steve Harris, Senior Project Manager at IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute

    Life Cycle Assessment: Back to the Basics


  • Demin Water Pilot Advances Industrial Circularity & Critical Raw Material Recovery

    Brussels/Rotterdam, 28 May 2019 — At the Demineralized Water Plant (DWP) of Evides in the Botlek industrial area of Rotterdam port, ZERO BRINE is demonstrating the innovative circular …

    Kickstarting industrial circularity in the Port of Rotterdam

    ROTTERDAM, 19 November 2019 — In one of the largest petrochemical clusters in Europe, ZERO BRINE is launching the first pilot of its innovative technologies to recover all resources from brine (high-salinity impaired water) in Rotterdam Port.

    ZERO BRINE’s Site II pilot launches in Rotterdam Port

    ROTTERDAM, 21 AUGUST 2020 — At the Port of Rotterdam, one of the largest petrochemical clusters in Europe, the ZERO BRINE project has launched its second site as part of the demonstration of industrial …

  • Demineralized Water Plant (DWP) of Evides in Botlek, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
    Demin Water Pilot Factsheet
    Rotterdam Harbour DWP

    Evides Case Study

  • Pilot Demineralized Water Plant
    Technology behind Dutch pilot plants


  • The New Mining – Polish Coal Mine Recovers Valuable Resources from Wastewater

    Brussels/Katowice, 10 October 2019 — Every year, Polish mines dump nearly 4 million tonnes of salt into rivers and freshwater basins in the form of industrial wastewater.

  • Factsheet – Pilot plant field visit

    ZERO BRINE Pilot Demonstration

  • Pilot plant mining industry
    The technology behind our pilot plant in Poland


  • Advancing Circular Economy in Silica Production

    Zaragoza, 19 March 2021 — At one of Europe’s largest silica producers, Industrias Químicas del Ebro (IQE), the ZERO BRINE project has demonstrated circular economy through the recovery of resources from industrial waste brine.

  • Factsheet – Pilot Project Silica Industry
  • Pilot Project Silica Industry
    Industrias Quimicas del Ebro (IQE) presents the ZERO BRINE pilot in Spain
    The technology behind our pilot plant in Spain
Pilot Project Textile Industry I Turkey - Existing advanced WWTP2