Spring 2018 | Recovering Resources from Industrial Wastewater

Spring 2018 | Recovering Resources from Industrial Wastewater 729 482 ZERO BRINE
Newsletter #1  |  SPRING 2018
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Over the past 6 months, the 22 ZERO BRINE partners from across Europe have been advancing with the preparations for the new technology to reuse industrial wastewater. Highlights include the Executive Board meeting in February 2018 where the website was launched; a first stakeholder consultation event in March also at TU Delft; pilot projects are advancing rapidly; the Advisory Board is in the making; the Brine Excellence Centres are coming together; and the ZERO BRINE project and concept was presented at 3 leading international conferences in the water sector with remarkable interest from the whole supply chain.

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ZERO BRINE Co-Design Workshop

The 1st Stakeholder Consultation event took place on 12 March 2018 at TU Delft, Netherlands to advance new circular economy business models.

Jumpstarting Pilot Projects

The four pilot plants in the Netherlands, Poland, Spain and Turkey are preparing  to test their equipment on bench scale and membrane regeneration and characterization studies.

Brine Excellence Centres (BECs)

BECs in Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Poland and Spain to test brine treatment technologies are progressing. For example, the Greek BEC Technological and Cultural Park of Attica is getting ready to start the first experiments.

Communicating ZERO BRINE

The website was launched in February 2018. And the JIQ Magazine on climate and sustainability published an article about ZERO BRINE.

ZERO BRINE @ Main Conferences

The ZERO BRINE project was presented at EIP Water 2017 by Dimitris Xevgenos (SEALEAU), Ecomondo by Maurizio Bevacqua (UNIPA) and the International Water Summit 2018 by Vanessa Wabitsch (REVOLVE).
Coordinated by TU DELFT, the innovation project ZERO BRINE advances circular economy business model solutions to reduce industrial saline wastewater streams by recovering and reusing the minerals and water from the brine in other industries. ZERO BRINE is funded by the European Union’s H2020 Research and Innovation Program and includes 22 partners from research institutes, SMEs, construction companies, and end-users from 10 countries across Europe.
Scientific Coordinator
Prof.Dr.ir. L.C. Rietveld
Delft University of Technology
Building 23, Stevinweg 1
2628 CN Delft
T.   +31 15 27 84732
E.   l.c.rietveld@tudelft.nl
Executive Project Coordinator
ir. J.R. Moll
Delft University of Technology
Building 23, Stevinweg 1
2628 CN Delft
T.   +31 15 27 82969
E.   J.R.Moll@tudelft.nl
Innovation Manager
Dr. Dimitris Xevgenos
Sealeau B.V.
High Tech Campus 1e
5656AE Eindhoven
T.   +31 6 38 45 15 79
E.   info@sealeau.com
Media Contact
Vanessa Wabitsch
Communication Coordinator
Revolve Media
Rue d’Arlon 63-67
1040 Brussels
T.   +32 2 318 39 84
E.   vanessa@revolve.media
The ZERO BRINE project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research  and innovation programme under grant agreement N° 730390.