Winter 2020 | ZERO BRINE Heads Into Final Year

Winter 2020 | ZERO BRINE Heads Into Final Year 560 420 ZERO BRINE
Newsletter #5  |  WINTER 2020


Now into its fourth year, the ZERO BRINE project results are well underway. With two of the pilot demonstrations having concluded- the coal mine pilot in Poland and the silica pilot in Spain – project results are coming to the forefront showing success at recovering minerals and water from industry brines.

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Demi Water Pilot (Site I), NL

Site I of the demi water pilot finished operations in February. The IEX brine from Evides was treated by a technology train of NF (TRL 9), MFPFR (TRL 7->8) and MED (TRL7->8). Re-gaining of high purity MgOH2, CaSO4, NaCl and water has been demonstrated at a brine feed level of 1 m3/hr. The demonstration has been concluded and the analysis and reporting of the results are in progress. For more info see our Work Package 2 reports >>

Demi Water Pilot (Site II), NL

Site II started up in August 2020, treating RO-brines from Evides. Here a technology train has been installed including NF (TRL 9), RO (TRL 9), Nyex (TRL 8->9), EFC (TRL 6->8) and a waste-heat fed MED (TRL 7->8). Site II operations are ongoing and compliant with current COVID-19 measures.

Coal Mine Pilot, PL

The coal mine pilot finished operations in April 2020 and demonstrated the following technologies: Pretreatment / Ultrafiltration / Decarbonisation (TRL9), an integrated two-pass nanofiltration/reverse osmosis/electrodialysis system (TRL4->TRL6), Magnesium recovery by CrIEM (TRL4), Magnesium recovery by precipitation (TRL4) and salt recovery by EFC (TRL3->TRL4). For more info see D3.5 Report on the operation and optimization of the pilot system for the treatment of coal mine water >>

Silica Pilot, ES

At the silica pilot, regenerated NF membranes were tested successfully (TRL8->9) in sequence with the EFC (TRL 6->8). The results of the pilot open perspectives for a substantial reduction of wastewater, allowing for further growth of the plant within the existing permits. For more info see our Work Package 4 reports >>  and IQE’s video presentation of the pilot >>

Textile Pilot, TR

The textile pilot in Turkey’s detailed design has been finalised. The pilot system was constructed on Zorlu Textile premises and is now operational. For more info see Tubitak’s presentation of the pilot created for our advisory board >>



Policy brief

ZERO BRINE has released a first version of its core policy brief – subsequent policy briefs will be published on the Industrial Emissions Directive, and water with a focus on Zero-Pollution strategy and Circular Economy Action plan – so stay tuned!

Latest Reports


Visit the latest conference proceedings, peer-reviewed articles, and other ZERO BRINE publications on CORDIS.

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Industrial Symbiosis Trainings

ISPT organised two online trainings for industrial cluster authorities and companies to teach the concepts of circular economy and how the Online Brine Platform can enable circular business opportunities.
View presentations >> 
Watch our training video for Industrial Cluster Authorities >>
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Brine Excellence Centres

The 5 BECs (NL, ES, PL, IT, GR) host analytical/measuring instruments, bench-scale technologies, and industrial pilot scale technologies for brine owners to test technically and economically feasible brine solutions. Learn more>>


In the Spotlight

In April, ZERO BRINE was selected as a finalist for the IWA Project Innovation Awards for the category Market-changing Water Technology and Infrastructure. The winner will be announced during the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition in Copenhagen in May 2021.

Project Buzz

In the past year, ZERO BRINE has been featured in over seventy press articles – both print and digital – in seven languages including English, Dutch, French, Turkish, Polish, Korean, and Spanish. All articles available online >>

Water Europe’s Latest Position Paper

Water Europe’s new position paper titled ‘For a Green, Circular & Smart Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive’ presents a list of recommendations that can pave the way to achieving a Water-Smart Society.
The key recommendations include:
  • A holistic management of wastewater treatment plants must be considered for water and energy savings, particularly through the exploitation of the Value in Water.
  • Specific measures are needed to address contaminants of emerging concern and antimicrobial resistance.
  • Digitisation needs to be encouraged to a much higher extent.
  • A better legal framework should be incorporated for better storm and small agglomeration water management.
  • A water-friendly legislation needs to be built by and for European citizens.

Upcoming Events

EU Project News

Several ZERO BRINE partners are involved in a new project WATER-MINING, focusing on mining water & resources from desalination brines, urban & industrial wastewater streams. The project started in September.
A second spin-off project SEA4VALUE focuses on developing and upscaling technologies to sustainably mine raw materials from brines. The project started in June.
A third spin-off project, SEArcularMINE, will prototype an innovative integrated process aimed at recovering energy and critical raw materials from waste brines in Mediterranean basin saltworks. The project started in June.
A fourth spin-off project, BRINE-MINING, focuses on the improvement of the saline wastewater management performance of coal mining activities by recovering useful and marketable materials as water and salts. The project started in September.

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Coordinated by TU DELFT, the innovation project ZERO BRINE advances circular economy business model solutions to reduce industrial saline wastewater streams by recovering and reusing the minerals and water from the brine in other industries. ZERO BRINE is funded by the European Union’s H2020 Research and Innovation Program and includes 20 partners from research institutes, SMEs, construction companies, and end-users from 10 countries across Europe.
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The ZERO BRINE project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research  and innovation programme under grant agreement N° 730390.