In the framework of the ZERO BRINE project, DLR is providing pioneer work for the development of the circular economy into the waste water sector. The concept of circular economy represents a change of paradigm in comparison to current supply systems, which base on linear economy. According to this idea waste water streams are no longer considered as the end, but rather as a new start of the water supply chain as well as a source of valuable components such as salts and minerals.

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Massimo Moser
Dr. Ing. Massimo Moser

Marina studied Chemical Engineering at the University of Palermo and obtained her degree in 2016. She joined DLR, Stuttgart in June 2017 and started her PhD within the framework of the ZERO BRINE project. Previously, she worked as a researcher in the University of Palermo in the EU-funded project RED-Heat-to-Power. She worked on the development and optimization of a mathematical model.

Dr. Benjamin Fuchs

Benjamin obtained a Physics degree at Karlsruhe Institute for Technology and the University of Konstanz. Since 2014 he is a Lead Software engineer at DLR (German Aerospace Center) Department “Systems Analysis and Technology Assessment” at the Institute for Engineering Thermodynamics.

Marina Micari
Ing. Marina Micari

Massimo studied Environmental and Civil engineering with emphasis on renewable energy sources. He is research associate and project manager at the division System Analysis and Technology Assessment, DLR Stuttgart, and his work focuses on the modelling of multi-purpose renewable power plants for the combined production of water (desalination) and electricity.