Water Plant I Netherlands

Water Plant I Netherlands 1000 600 ZERO BRINE

The Demineralized Water Plant (DWP) in the Botlek area owned by EVIDES is a large-scale demonstration of the ZERO BRINE project using the technology ion exchange and membrane technology. The DWP consists of a combination of ion exchange and membrane technology: Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF),  Reverse Osmosis, Mixed Bed Ion Exchange. For both brine streams that are generated in this process, a circular economy solution will be developed in this WP.

The aim is to demonstrate the Nanofiltration – Evaporation concept for the treatment of ion exchange (IX) regenerate and RO concentrate at large industry scale as well as to demonstrate the Anionic Ion Exchange (IX) – Nanofiltration (NF) – Evaporation – Eutectic Freeze Crystallization (EFC) concept at demonstration scale. Part of the energy for the brine treatment comes from waste heat. Waste heat and wastewater streams will be combined in a multi-company site environment eliminating brine effluent (target: zero liquid discharge) of the industrial water supplier, recovering high purity magnesium products (target: magnesium purity >90%), NaCl solution and sulphate salts and recycling streams within the site (target: >70% internal recycling of materials recovered).