Textile Industry I Turkey

Textile Industry I Turkey 1000 592 ZERO BRINE

An innovative brine treatment system is being developed for the textile industry with the aim to recover concentrated salt solutions for reuse in the textile dyeing process baths by TUBITAK MRC in cooperation with  ZORLU Textile and Energy Groups at Büyükkarıştıran- Lüleburgaz,  Kırklareli, Turkey. The methodology involves initial comprehensive physical, chemical characterization studies which are followed by bench scale treatability studies with technology options tested such as nano filtration, oxidation and ion exchange.

The expected results from textile industry brine recovery system was pre-assed to be 50 kt/year reduction water consumption due to achievement of additional water reuse, recovery of 400 ton NaCl/year for production processes, reduction of 200 t/year CO2  emissions also due to NaCl recovery and attainment of waste heat recovery from the enterprise.