Fundació CTM Centre Tecnològic (CTM) is a non-profit private technological centre. CTM aims to efficiently contribute to improving the competitiveness and the technological development of companies by providing specialised services and carrying out R&D and Innovation projects. CTMs Sustainability Unit aims at contributing to sustainable industrial and community development through the enhancement of environmental quality.

Fundació CTM Centre Tecnològic, Plaça de la Ciència, 2
08243 Manresa, Barcelona
tel: (+34) 93 877 73 73      fax: (+34) 93 877 73 74

Xavier Martinez
Dr. Xavier Martinez Lladó

Xavier is currently leading the water technology unit in the Sustainability division of CTM Centre Tecnològic. He holds a degree in Chemical Engineering and a Ph.D. in environmental chemistry. His main expertise are separation technologies applied to water treatment including membranes, physico-chemical treatments, ion exchange and others.

Sandra Meca
Dr. Sandra Meca Fàbrega

Sandra currently works as researcher in the Sustainability division of CTM Centre Tecnològic. She holds a degree in Chemistry and a Ph.D. in environmental chemistry. Her topics of interest are water treatment, waste management and valorization and resources recovery.

José Espí

José holds the Industrial Environment certificate awarded by The Network of Technology Institutes of the Valencian Region (REDIT). He has an extensive experience in environmental indicators analysis and impact interpretation through different methodologies.

Dr. Anna Casadellà

Anna is currently a researcher at the Sustainability unit of CTM Centre Tecnològic. She holds a degree in Chemistry and PhD in Membrane Technology and Polymer Chemistry. Her main expertise is in ion-selective technologies as well as water and waste management in terms of separation and valorisation.

MSc. Jordi Macià

Jordi received a Master in Thermal Engineering (UPC in 2010) and holds a private Master Degree in Renewables (UB, 2012). His research areas are modelling and transient simulation of heat & mass transfer phenomena.

BSc. Joan Berzosa

Joan hold a BsC in Environmental Sciences from Polytechnic University of Valencia and a MsC in Environmental Engineering from University of Santiago de Compostela. He is specialized and experienced in Life Cycle Assessment methodology in different areas (food, industrial production, water treatment, etc), and is experienced in other environmental areas, as water and waste treatment technologies.