JIQ Magazine vol. 24, no. 1 (May 2018)

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ZERO BRINE co-design workshop

Industrial Saline Impaired Effluents (Brines) are an Environmental Challenge and an Economic Opportunity

On 12 March 2018, the first ZERO BRINE stakeholder consultation event took place in the faculty of Applied Sciences, at TU Delft. This consultation event is the first of, at least, three events that will be carried out within the EU- funded ZERO BRINE project. The events focus on the large-scale demonstration plant that is being implemented for the Evides water demineralisation plant, at the site of HUNTSMAN, in the Port of Rotterdam. Relevant stakeholders representing local industry, policy, and regulation participated in this event providing key inputs for re-designing the value and supply chain for water and minerals to get to a zero liquid discharge system (eliminating brine effluent).

Stakeholder consultation events

It is anticipated that new circular water solutions (like ZERO BRINE developments) will be challenging to implement, since the project deviates from the current more linear business model of water and minerals supply and value chains. By mobilising the (tacit) knowledge and insights of stakeholders, mutual trust can be built. This provides stakeholders with the opportunity to become actively engaged in all aspects of project planning, which can be critical to ensure projectsuccess.