Valuable resources are being recuperated from brine!

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Where is the ZERO BRINE project being tested around Europe and why were these industries highlighted?

We have four large-scale demonstrations for the project: 1) in the Netherlands, we are working with the Technical University of Delft at the site of the Demineralized Water Plant (Evides Industriewater) in the industrial cluster Botlek area of Rotterdam Port; 2) in Zaragoza, Spain, we are working with CTM at the site of IQE (a chemical industry) to assess the technical and economic feasibility of implementing a circular economy scheme in the silica industry to recover water, sodium sulphate, waste heat and alkalis; 3) at a coal mine in Poland we are working with the Silesian University of Technology to demonstrate circular economy principles to decrease energy consumption by 50% and recover valuable raw materials such as con- centrated brine; and 4) in Turkey, an innovative brine treatment system is being developed for the textile industry with TÜBITAK MARMARA Research Centre to recover concentrated salt solutions for reuse in the textile dyeing process baths.