Creating Acceptance for Circularity

Creating Acceptance for Circularity 1600 900 ZERO BRINE

Online Workshops

 29 September
3:00 to 4:30 PM CET

Transitioning towards a circular economy is a priority for our society, but also a complex that requires the alignment of many different voices, interests and priorities to drive society down the path towards circularity and for it to be fully embraced.

This interactive workshop will focus on three key drivers of social acceptance for circular economy initiatives, namely the technological infrastructure leading to circularity, its sustainability impact, and the supporting business model.

Experts in these three drivers will lead a discussion on how to accelerate social acceptance for circularity based on the results of ZERO BRINE, an EU innovation action project aimed at improving the circularity of industrial production through the recovery of resources from industrial wastewater.

In addition to our experience with ZERO BRINE, we will also discuss the more general challenges in communicating circular solutions, and their impact on the three key drivers of social acceptance. Other aspects including the diversity of people involved will also be discussed. The experiences of participants will be key in facilitating the discussion and to help develop guidelines for fostering the social acceptance of circularity.


Kees Roest

Sr. Scientific Researcher (Energy & Circular Systems) KWR Water Research Institute & Programme Director, Industrial Fluids Processing, Institute for Sustainable Process Technology

Dr. Gijsbert Korevaar

Assistant Professor Industrial Symbiosis, faculty of Technology, Policy, and Management at TU Delft

Dr. Giulia Calabretta

Associate Professor of Strategic Value of Design, Delft University of Technology

Prof. Patricia Osseweijer

Coordinator Water Mining, Biotechnology and Society Section Lead, TU Delft, and ZERO BRINE Advisory Board Member


15:00 Welcome by Kees Roest (moderator)
15:10 Introduction to the structure of the ZERO BRINE project – Gijsbert Korevaar
15:20 Videos of the ZERO BRINE pilot plants in Poland and Spain
15:30 Social acceptance discussion between participants and researchers from the consortium led by Patricia Osseweijer

  • A business model perspective, by Giulia Calabretta
  • Inputs from integrated sustainability assessment, by Gijsbert Korevaar
16:25 Wrap up, closing words by Kees Roest