Reducing pollution from industrial wastewater

Reducing pollution from industrial wastewater 1600 900 ZERO BRINE

 26 May 2021 – 10:00-11:00 CET
Press Briefing + Public Livestream

As part of EU Green Week, we are hosting a press briefing focusing on how we can reduce the environmental impacts of industrial wastewater, helping Europe move closer towards zero pollution.

ZERO BRINE is active in four industrial sectors: textiles (Turkey); coal (Poland); desalination; (The Netherlands); and silica production (Spain). These pilot projects are developing innovative solutions to the impacts of harmful industrial wastewater, while also creating new economic opportunities. This is helping bring about a more circular economy for Europe, while also reducing the environmental impact of process industries and helping us get closer to zero pollution.

We will also take attendees on a digital journey of our pilot plant in Turkey, where we are using a combination of new and existing technology to reduce the impact of wastewater in the textile industry.

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    Pavel Misiga

    Head of Unit, DG RTD on the Circular Economy and Europe’s Global Competitiveness (tbc)

    Dr. Dimitris Xevgenos

    Innovation Manager, ZERO BRINE, on the circular economy in industrial wastewater and replication (WATER-MINING)

    Selda Murat Hocaoglu
    Dr. Selda Murat Hocaoglu

    Spotlight on the textile industry with a virtual tour of the Turkish pilot project

    Panagiotis Balabanis

    Head of Water Sector, DG RTD (tbc)

    In the presence of

    Violeta Kuzmickaite

    Project Adviser, European Research Executive agency (REA) unit B3 – “Biodiversity, Circular Economy and Environment”

    Moderated by

    Stuart Reigeluth

    Founder of REVOLVE

    Q&A with Media

    Philippa Jones

    Editor-in-Chief, Energy Monitor, New Statesman

    Ahmet Koçak

    Managing Editor, Daily Sabah

    Roelof Moll

    ZERO BRINE Coordinator, on concept and importance of reducing brine in multiple industries around Europe