ZERO BRINE: reducing pollution from industrial wastewater

ZERO BRINE: reducing pollution from industrial wastewater 1600 900 ZERO BRINE

 26 May 2021 – 10am CET
Press Briefing – Livestream

ZERO BRINE is about recovering valuable resources, such as water and minerals, from industrial wastewater processes in four sectors: textiles (Turkey), coal (Poland), desalination (The Netherlands) and silica production (Spain).

These four pilot projects are testing innovative solutions for bringing circular economy business models to industry, making Europe more competitive globally, and reducing pollution thus contributing to the EU climate goals.


  • European Commission representative (tbd) on the Circular Economy and Europe’s Global Competitiveness
  • Roelof Moll, ZERO BRINE Coordinator, on concept and importance of reducing brine in multiple industries around Europe
  • Dimitris Xevgenos, ZERO BRINE Innovation Manager, on replication of the concept (WATER-MINING) and going towards Zero Pollution
  • Spotlight on the textile industry with a virtual tour of the Turkish pilot project, presented by Tubitak
  • Q&A with Media Respondents and other participants
  • Moderated by Stuart Reigeluth, Founder of REVOLVE