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Reducing waste and the efficient use of water play an important role in addressing some of humanity’s greatest challenges today – climate change and water scarcity. A promising solution is the implementation of a circular economy.

As one of the projects selected to benefit from the European Commission’s Horizon Results Booster, [Project Name] along with AFTERLIFE (GA no. 745737), ALICE (GA no. 734560), SCALIBUR (GA no. 817788), Run4life (GA no. 730285), and ZERO BRINE (GA no. 730390), have established the project group “Value Creation from Wastewater”. These projects introduce solutions for wastewater treatment, recovery and reuse for both industrial and public sector utilities operators and policy actors.

Under this initiative, the Value Creation from Wastewater project group selected and mapped their key exploitable results and developed a joint portfolio of complementary results and have agreed to collaborate to provide visibility for each other’s innovations.

Portfolio of Results

Wastewater Treatment and Recovery Technical Process Innovations

Tools and Resources for Facility Operators

Policy Recommendations


Proposing a flexible, cost- and resource-efficient process framed in the zero-waste and circular economy approach for the recovery and valorisation of the relevant fractions from wastewater.

Suggesting new tools, methodologies and knowledge to boost innovation in the wastewater sector through a multi-stakeholder dialogue.

Leading waste management companies, technology developers and research organisations teaming up with four European cities to demonstrate innovative solutions to transform urban food waste and sewage sludge into high value-added products, helping cities to increase their recycling rate and create new circular economy business opportunities.

Demonstrating resource recovery from source-separated domestic wastewaters, using a decentralised approach. Concentrated toilet wastewater, other domestic wastewaters and food waste are collected separately and given the treatment needed for optimal resource recovery.

Facilitate a circular economy in various process industries by developing the necessary concepts, technological solutions and business models to re-design the value and supply chains of minerals and water, while dealing with present organic compounds in a way that allows recovery.

The projects under Value Creation for Wastewater Project Group (HRB PDESB AFTERLIFE) have received support from the HRB – Horizon Result Booster – an initiative funded European Commission, Directorate General for Research and Innovation, Unit J5, Common Service for Horizon 2020 Information and Data.