ZERO BRINE – The technology behind our pilot plant in Spain

We go in depth into the technology being used at our pilot plant in Zaragoza, Spain. Based at Industrias Quimicas del Ebro, we explore how the project utilises new and existing technologies to recover valuable resources from industrial wastewater for onsite reuse, offering new circular business opportunities while lowering the environmental impacts of silica production.


ZERO BRINE – Technology behind Dutch pilot plants

We go in depth into the technologies behind our two pilot sites in the Netherlands, aiming to recover clean water and salt from the brine generated by a demineralised water plant.


ZERO BRINE – Creating Acceptance for Circularity

This interactive workshop focuses on three key drivers of social acceptance for circular economy initiatives, namely the technological infrastructure leading to circularity, its sustainability impact, and the supporting business model.


ZERO BRINE – The technology behind our pilot plant in Turkey

We go in depth into the technology being used at our pilot plant in Lüleburgaz, Turkey. Based at the ZORLU textile factory, we explore how the project utilises new and existing technologies to create circular solutions to the impacts of industrial wastewater.


ZERO BRINE – The technology behind our pilot plant in Poland

Krzysztof Mitko of the Silesian University of Technology presents the innovative technologies that were used at our pilot plant at the Bolesław Śmiały coal mine in Poland.


ZERO BRINE pilot plant in Spain

Jorge Pérez, Head of Research and Development at IQE, presents ZERO BRINE’s pilot project in Spain. Working in the silica industry, ZERO BRINE harnesses new and existing technologies to help closetheloop on wastewater.


How to register to the Online Brine Platform

ZERO BRINE is advancing the circular economy and encouraging industrial symbiosis. The Online Brine Platform is where it happens.


ZERO BRINE – Driving results and furthering the circular economy

ZERO BRINE is advancing circular economy solutions for Europe.
Michiel van Haersma Buma discusses how ZERO BRINE is delivering results and helping Europe meet its climate targets.


ZERO BRINE – Online Brine Platform

ZERO BRINE’s Online Brine Platform is bringing businesses together, recovering resources and working towards a circular economy


ZERO BRINE – Circular Economy for a Competitive Europe

ZERO BRINE inspiring people to move towards a circular future.
Roelof Moll tells us how ZERO BRINE is developing technologies for immediate application – bringing businesses together to prepare for the circular economy of Europe’s future.


Second ZERO BRINE stakeholder consultation in Zaragoza

The workshop “From Waste to Resource: Redesigning the value and supply chain of water and minerals” was held in the context of the EIP Water Conference 2019, in Zaragoza, Spain and adressed how to move from linear to a circular model to treat brine from process industries.


A circular economy solution for industrial wastewater

Industry is the second largest consumer of water, creating vast amounts of brine. Smart brine management solutions are needed — ZERO BRINE is working to make this happen.


ZEROBRINE – General Assembly

19-20 September, in Barcelona, EURECAT hosted the ZERO BRINE General Assembly Followed by a visit to their Manresa location.


ZERO BRINE field visit, Poland

On 8 October, press, government officials, and industrial and environmental experts visited the Bolesław Śmiały coal mine to see the ZERO BRINE technology making this happen, operated by the Silesian University of Technology (SUT).


Discover ZERO BRINE solutions

Learn more about our Innovation Action EU Horizon 2020 project advancing circular economy solutions: #ZeroBrine recovers and reuses raw minerals and clean water from industrial wastewater.


ZERO BRINE Co-design workshop

Industrial saline impaired effluents (brines) are an environmental challenge and an economic opportunity.  Explore new circular economy business models with us at TU Delft!

More information about the workshop, click here


ZERO BRINE field visit, Netherlands

On 23 May, industry experts and specialized media toured the Demineralized Water Plant (DWP) in the Botlek area of Rotterdam Port, owned by EVIDES, and witnessed the first tests of the ZERO BRINE pilot using ion exchange and membrane technology, at Plant One Rotterdam.